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Looking for the best online trading platform in the financial services industry?


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Trader Workstation (TWS)

Enjoy the strength and flexibility that our award-winning, market maker-designed (and fully customizable) desktop trading platform has to offer. Trader Workstation (TWS) was built to impress with the sophistication and ease of use required to meet the demands of traders ranging from individuals to institutions.

Let our top of the line trading tools fuel your investment strategies and our extensive global access help you diversify your portfolio or hone in on the widest reach of securities, asset classes, and account types available. Trade stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds and much more across more than 100 market centers worldwide! Clients have their choice of base currency, language, online trading platforms, individual brokerage or investment company accounts as well as the flexibility to trade online or take advantage of our access to experienced full-service financial consultants~ all from a single account!




A powerful trading platform that allows you to view and trade on markets worldwide, all from one screen. Place Trader Workstation (TWS) is designed with the active trader in mind.




TWS Highlights

 Elite Trading Tools

Quick Start Guide

Users Guide

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System Requirements




Trader Workstation (TWS)

Optimize your trading speed and efficiency with Trader Workstation (TWS). TWS offers the following benefits:

  • A simplified but sophisticated workspace that puts order management, analytics, account monitoring and more at your fingertips.
  • Comprehensive News and Fundamentals subscriptions from leading providers that integrate seamlessly into the TWS workspaces.
  • Real-time account balance and activity monitoring, with a real-time margining system that notifies you of margin deficiencies before liquidation becomes necessary.
  • Task-specific trading tools to enhance efficiency for all trading styles, including the Accumulate/Distribute algo, FXTrader, ScaleTrader, SpreadTrader, OptionTrader and more.
  • Sophisticated, built-in risk management and option pricing applications.
  • An optional Paper Trading account, linked to your production account, which lets you experiment with the full range of TWS features in a simulated environment.


Simplified Workspace

Trader Workstation provides a comprehensive and efficient trading workspace that lets you put all of the essentials at your fingertips.

Mosaic trading platform interface   Advanced Order


Mosaic provides intuitive out-of-the-box usability with quick and easy access to comprehensive trading, order management, chart, watchlist and portfolio tools all in a single, customizable workspace. 


Advanced Order Management

The Advanced Order Management workspace is always available to traders who need more advanced tools and algos.



News and Research

Subscribe to Place Trade's IB Information System (IBIS) for a robust arsenal of tools powered by tier-one content providers.


TWS Mosaic Information System
  • Subscribe to a variety of news, fundamentals, event calendars and analyst reports, then read the latest headlines in the Daily Lineup summary view before you start your trading day.
  • Stay on top of the markets with IBIS analyst ratings, which provide highlighted activity for companies in your Watchlist, highlighted activity for competitors of your watchlist companies, and upgrade and downgrade details.
  • View option, future, commodity, and index data for over 100 markets.
  • Enjoy powerful technical analytics with IBIS charts, which include three chart types, 22 configurable technical indicators, and single-click alert creation.



Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring system lets you see the current state of your account at any time to give you the edge you need to stay ahead of changing market conditions. Real-time monitoring features include:

View your positions, profit and loss, margin requirements and excess liquidity in real-time in the customizable Account window.



TWS Account Window 

View account balances, margin, funds available for trading, market value and portfolio data for all of your products in a customizable, easy-to-read account window.


Profit & Loss 

View P & L on your trading screen as well as in the Account Information window.


Margin Requirements 

Stay on top of your margin requirements with quick-glance summaries of potential deficiencies that help you avoid liquidation, and try "what if" Portfolio Margining to see your margin requirements using the Portfolio Margining system.



Expandable trade reports let you see daily executions as well as net trading activity by symbol.




Create real-time alerts based on price, time, margin and volume that notify you of important changes in the market.

How to Configure News Feeds

How to Configure Market Depth 

How to Configure Traders Dashboard

View Time & Sales




Monitor many contracts at once in a small window that you can move anywhere on your desktop. Create, resize and move multiple named Watchlist windows to fit your own trading style









Specialized Algos and Trading Tools - Algos Tour



Different traders have different needs. Our specialized trading tools are custom-designed to enhance your trading environment.


Accumulate/Distribute Algo 

Randomized order quantity and submission time intervals help you to get the best price on large volume orders without being noticed in the market.



Prevent your large-sized trades from being subject to increasingly deteriorating prices by easily scaling your order into smaller, incrementally priced components based on specified price and size instructions.



Trade FOREX markets in our optimized FXTrader window, which includes real-time streaming quotes, up/down indicators, trading volumes, pending trades, executions, positions, and average price plus P&L.  Please note that Place Trade does not offer FOREX trading at this time.  We only offer this tool as a courtesy and for educational purposes.



Create and trade basket files and index-based baskets with complete order management.



Use this integrated suite of options tools to analyze and manage options orders from a single customizable screen.



Market Scanners


Quickly and easily scan global markets for the top performing contracts, including stocks, options, futures, bonds, indexes and more, in numerous categories. Customize your scan with any combination of user-specified search criteria such as instrument type, market center(s), price and volume constraints, sector and industry, and more. Market Scanners Users Guide




Create and manage complex futures, options and EFP spreads with ease.



View real-time line, bar or candlestick charts, with complete order management capabilities from any intraday chart.



Optimizes trading speed with single-click order submission from the deep book.



Use named strategy templates or create your own combination orders.


Yield Optimizer

Compare borrow rates on hard-to-borrow stocks using different borrow strategies, view the best rates for lending your own shares, and see the most cost-effective EFPs for investing your excess cash.




Gauge market liquidity with trading volume away from the inside quote, including TotalQuotes and NYSE Deep Book, which are available by subscription.


Option Portfolio 

Use the TWS Option Portfolio algorithm to help you adjust the risk profile of your portfolio by any of the Greek risk dimensions.



The ISW is a customizable stock-management interface that combines Level I and Level II market data, real-time charting, rapid order entry and complete order management into a single screen.



Write and Roll Options


Click the Trading Tools tab above for more details about these and all of Trader Workstation’s trading tools.


Price/Risk Analytics

Our comprehensive suite of sophisticated mathematical risk-assessment and price-measuring tools comes standard with TWS and includes:

 Risk Analytics


The Risk Navigator

View your portfolio risk across multiple asset classes, and view and assess specific risk slices of your portfolio.


Model Navigator

Modify pricing assumptions and include them in the model price calculation using this sophisticated option model pricing tool.


Option Analytics

Use the Option Analytics window to see values that reflect the rate of change of an option's price with respect to a unit change in each of a number of risk dimensions.



Paper/Virtual Trading

Practice your trading skills in a simulated trading environment with a Place Trade Paper Trading account. If you currently have a Place Trade account, you can experience the full range of Trader Workstation's trading capabilities in a real-time market environment without risking any of your own money.

 Paper Trader Virtual Trading



Please Bite: Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray a recommendation.



Looking for more information or how to do something in particular? Check out our fully illustrated Place Trader Workstation Users Guide.