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What is a SEP IRA? How much can you contribute to a SEP IRA? in 2020? What is most money that I can put in a SEP IRA? Wat is the limit for a SEP IRA?


What is a SEP IRA?


Simplified Employee Pensions Plans - SEP IRAs

A simplified employee pension plan (SEP), which is different from a SIMPLE IRA, provides the employer with a simple method of establishing a retirement plan for himself and his employees. Each plan participant establishes a SEP IRA into which the employer makes contributions. For more information visit www.irs.gov

SEP Contribution Limits

How much can you contribute to a SEP IRA?

Contributions that an employer can make to an employee's SEP-IRA cannot exceed the lesser of:


How much can you contribute to a SEP IRA in 2017?



25% of employee's compensation or $58,000


How much can you contribute to a SEP IRA 2018?



25% of employee's compensation or $57,000



Please Note: Elective deferrals and catch-up contributions are not permitted in SEP plans.

How much can an employer contribute to an employee's SEP-IRA? How much can an employee contribute to SEP IRA?






SEP Maximum Contribution 25% of employee's compensation or $58,000 25% of employee's compensation or $57,000
SEP Minimum Compensation 650    


SEP Maximum Compensation 290,000 285,000

Why Offer a SEP IRA?

  • Contributions made by the employer are deductible on the employer's tax return.
  • Employers can establish and fund the SEP plan until his tax-filing deadline with extensions.
  • SEP plans do not have a continuity requirement. An employer can fund a SEP plan for one year with no obligation to fund the plan in subsequent years.
  • Allocation of contributions can be flexible but not discriminatory. No 5500 reporting.
  • Fiduciary responsibilities are limited. Contributions are made to the participant’s IRA account. The participant directs the investment of the funds and is not taxed on contributions until distributed.
  • A SEP is a particularly attractive alternative when the owner is the only participant.

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Employer Eligibility

Eligible employers include corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, S-corporations, and sole proprietors (self-employed).

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SEP Contributions


Employer Contributions

How much can an employer contribute to an employee's SEP-IRA?

  • The employer contribution to a SEP account must be based on a written allocation formula, and must not discriminate in favor of the highly compensated employees.


  • Three contribution allocation formulas are allowable:




The three contribution allocation formulas are allowable:

  1. A uniform dollar amount for all employees.
  2. A uniform percentage of compensation (not to exceed 25%) for all employees.
  3. A fixed dollar amount allocated in the ratio that the employee’s compensation bears to total plan compensation.




  • `For purposes of making contributions to a SEP account, compensation (including elective deferrals) is limited to $290,000 (2021) and $285,000 (2020). SEP Minimum Compensation is $650 (2021) and $600 (2020).


  • The maximum contribution is the smaller of $58,000 (2021) and $57,000 (2020) or 25% of the participant’s compensation. For common law employees, compensation is considered to be W-2 wages. For self-employed individuals, compensation is earned income. For common law employees, compensation is considered to be W-2 wages. For self-employed individuals, compensation is earned income.


  • The employer may change the contribution formula from year to year or may make no contribution at all for a given year. If the employer does change the contribution allocation formula, however, he must execute a new plan adoption agreement and notify all eligible employees.



Employee Contributions

How much can an employee contribute to SEP IRA?

Since the employee's account is an IRA account, the employee may contribute up to the annual IRA contribution limit as a normal IRA contribution. Participation in a SEP plan is considered active participation and may affect the deductibility of a regular IRA contribution.


SEP Distributions

Distributions from a SEP account follow all of the rules for distributions from a Traditional IRAexcept that a participant who is still working and receiving compensation when he attains the age of 70½ may continue to make employer contributions to his SEP account. The employee is still subject to the required minimum distribution rules.

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