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 Tax Information and Reporting ~ Report Distribution from Retirement Plan Rolled Directly into an IRA on Form 1099-R


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Report Distribution from Retirement Plan Rolled Directly into an IRA on Form 1099-R

401k rollover / Direct Rollover 

Will you tell the IRS when I roll over my 401(k) plan?

What happens when you move your retirement from your old employer into an IRA?


When you move your employer-sponsored retirement plan from your former employer to a Traditional IRA (using a Direct Rollover through a process that is commonly referred to as a 401(k) Rollover), two important notifications are made as required by the IRS:

  1. The trustee of your old employer-sponsored retirement plan is required to report a direct rollover to an IRA, that is treated as a distribution and a subsequent rollover, on Form 1099-R. 

  2. The successor trustee (for the account where you have your Direct Rollover IRA - where you transferred you old 401(k)) is required to report your rollover contribution on IRS Form 5498. 


Place Trade's administrative manager and trustee for your retirement accounts, will provide your Form 1099-R to you directly.


To get more information on Form 1099-R, please visit the go to the US Persons & Entities page (located under the Tax Reporting section of our website and specifically look for information about 1099-R - Distributions from IRAs. For complete information please visit www.irs.gov.


Tax Reporting

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