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The Smart Place to Trade Stocks Online



Awesome Client ServicesBest ExecutionDeep Discount CommissionsExtremely Low Margin Rates



Why is Place Trade the Smart Place for Stock Trading? 


Flexible Investment and Brokerage Accounts to meet your needs from beginners to professional traders and Institutions. Choose to Trade Online, with an Experienced Full-Service Financial Pro or both from one account. 


Award Winning
Trading Tools & Technology


Worldwide Access
Investment Offerings






Multiple High Powered Trading Platforms

Trade stocks your way with any of our free mobile and online trading applications:

  • Trader Workstation (TWS) 
  • WebTrader 
  • Mobile Handy Trader 
  • Tablet Trader  
  • Quick Trade
  • No platform fees!


Smart Order Routing 

  • We route your stock orders for the best available price execution for you.
  • Place Trade does not take any part of the spread to offset commissions (or for any other reason) so you get transparent pricing and no hidden fees!  
  • Net Best Execution - Verified Price Improvement


Turbo Charge Your Trading Strategies

  • 60+ Order Types & Algos
  • Elite Trading Tools
  • Market Scanners
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Statements, Reports & Portfolio Analysis
  • Free Independent Research & Access to Institutional Level Research & Investment Advice
  • Trading APIs


stock trading short


Global Offerings - US & International

  • Trade in over 100 Market Centers/Exchanges 
  • Trade in 12+ languages across
  • 20+ countries in the currency of your choice!


What Type of Stocks Can You Trade?

  • Common stock
  • Preferred securities
  • International stock (on foreign exchange)
  • ADRs - American Depository Receipts
  • Penny Stocks/OTC/Pink Sheets, Microchip Stocks
  • IPOs


Looking for Stock Alternatives?

  • ETFs
  • Closed-end funds 
  • Mutual Funds
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) 
  • UITs = Unit Investment Trust/Unit Trust Fund
  • Smart Beta Portfolios
  • & More


Trading Strategies & Investment Advice



Which Third Party Downloads can I use?
Quickly download your activity statements and trades to:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Money
  • Quicken
  • Tradelog
  • GainsKeeper
  • Captools & More Third Party Downloads may help make tax reporting easier! compatible Third Party Downloads

More Reasons for Switching to Place Trade





Enjoy Low-Cost Trading, Flexible Investing, Great Service and Extremely Low Margin Rates!

Why choose Place Trade for stock trading? Why is Place Trade the Best Place for stock trading? 


Barron's Best Online Brokers


Place Trade is honored to have been named to Barron's List of the Best Online Brokers


Best Online Brokers1 ~ Barron's Magazine


Awarded 4 1/2 Stars2


Ranked #3 Overall Best Online Broker2


Best for Frequent Traders2


Lowest Monthly Cost for Frequent Traders3

Short Stock Sales (Short Selling)

Trade like a Wall Street veteran!


 Place Trade's extensive stock offerings and global market resources allow you to implement your trading strategies with ease.





See why more traders, from individuals to Wall Street professionals, choose our advanced trading tools to manage their portfolios.  


Lowest Margin Rates

Deep Discount Commissions

Best Execution - Verified



The Mosaic Interface

Check out Mosaic! It is our newest interface - an upgrade to our Trader Workstation (TWS) platform - that is fully customizable, easy to use and offers a ton of great features. You will love it! (Yes, you can still use our traditional TWS platform as well.) There is an additional list of trading tools listed under the Mosaic link.     

Here are just a few of our Online Services - Check out our intuitive trading platform to see more.                 

Multiple Trading Platforms

Deep Discount Commissions

Mobile Solutions

Lowest Margin Rates

Place Trade PaperTrader

Best Execution - Verified

Risk Management and Control

Elite Trading Tools     More Trading Tools

Research and Market Data

One-click Orders

Portfolio Analyst  

Market Scanners        

International Trading

In-house and Third Party Fundamentals

Portfolio Management

Email and Text notifications

Enhanced Security

Real-time, scalable, customizable charts

Access To 100+ Market Centers

Over 50 Different Orders Types

Flexible Technical Analytics

Integrated Stock Window (Level I & II Data)

News Feeds    

Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Model Portfolios

Activity and Margin Reports

Price/Risk Analytics

Trading Algos


Get Full-Service Financial Advice from Experienced Pros on your terms!


Experienced investment professionals are available to help guide and execute your investing decisions, and our online trading platforms allow independent investors to operate freely. 

Offering some of the lowest full-service commissions and margin rates of any national full-service brokerage firm.  Place Trade is the smart place to invest.  Please call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 today to get started.


Whether you prefer an online broker, a discount broker, a full-service broker or you are happier somewhere in between, Place Trade Financial is truly the smart choice when it comes to meeting your investment goals. With our low commissions and great service, you can feel comfortable whether you are your own decision maker or you seek an experienced broker's investment guidance.

Purchase common stocks on margin with market prices as low as $3.00 per share. No maintenance call or mailgram fees. Place Trade offers both Common and Preferred shares of stock as well as most other securities.

Access our international and domestic securities offerings on the International Trading page, and learn more about how our powerful trading platforms, the Place Trade WebTrader and the Place Trader Workstation, will work for you.

To place a trade with a broker call 1-800-50-PLACE.


Additionally recognized by Barron's Magazine among the top firms named as:


1Best Online Brokers 2012, 2013 & 2014 - Barron's Magazine


2Best for Frequent Traders, Awarded 4 1/2 Stars and Ranked #3 Overall Best Online Broker (2013, 2014, Best Online Brokers, Barron's Magazine)


2Lowest Monthly Cost for Frequent Traders 2013, Barron's Magazine








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Products & Services

All the Tools You Need

We offer all the Products and Services you need to build your portfolio and take charge of your investments.

Did you leave your old 401(k) behind?

Our retirement specialists will
make it easy for you to rollover your 401(k) retirement account.

Call 1-800-50-PLACE today!

Go Mobile!

Flexibility to trade and invest on the go. Download our Place Trader Workstation Handy Trader app today!

Stock yield enhancement

Earn money lending your shares

Superior Technology

Advanced Trading Tools

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      ·   Mobile Trading App


Trade World-Wide

    ·  Access 100+market centers
    ·  In 19 Countries
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