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Other Fees > Cancel/Modify Fees - Stocks


 Cancel/Modify Order Fees - Stocks









    Cancel/Modify Order Fees - Stock Orders


United States
Asset/Order Origin Routing Venue Fee per Order1 Execution Credit2 3
API/CTCI Smart N/A None N/A
API/CTCI Directed All USD0.01 USD 0.25 per API/CTCI Directed execution
TWS Directed and Smart All None N/A

Orders with a time in force that specifies an expiration time, such as GTC, will be assessed cancel fees according to the above schedule.



View examples of cancel/modify fees for stocks and for options  

Please Note:

[1] Unless otherwise specified, the per-order fee applies to both order cancellations and modifications.

[2] Execution credits are applied against cancel or modify fees for the day. Execution credits cannot exceed cancel/modify fees.


   For information regarding cancel/modify fees for options trades please call us at 1-919-719-7200.  



What are SEC fees?

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