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  Retirement Planning

  Retirement Planning  

Regardless of where you are in life, our experienced full service advisors can help turn the dream of a comfortable retirement into a reality. We strive to provide our clients with financial security and peace of mind, and we offer a variety of retirement products for both individuals and businesses.

Roth IRA | 401(k) Rollovers 


Do you need help planning for retirement or reaching your investment goals?

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Who Can Open and Contribute to an IRA?

Any individual who receives compensation (defined below) can open and fund an IRA. There are no minimum age requirements. Some self-directed IRA accounts are also brokerage accounts, which have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age. Special waiver forms may be required to open a self-directed IRA account for a person less than 18 years of age.

In order to contribute to an IRA for a given year, the participant must receive earned income or W-2 compensation during the taxable year. Compensation includes wages, salaries, professional fees, commissions, bonuses, taxable alimony, severance pay and earned income but does not include interest or dividends, rental income, deferred compensation, (i.e. pension or annuity), child support, union benefits, or unemployment compensation.

IRAs offer varied benefits, and are an effective means of sheltering money from taxes to allow tax-deferred growth over time. The specific type of IRA you choose is fiscally significant and will impact your investing method and schedule. For more information please visit www.irs.gov.


Which Retirement Account is Right for you?

Traditional IRAs

Benefit from tax-deferred growth with a Traditional IRA account. Contributions are tax-deductible, and you won’t have to pay federal income tax on any of your investment earnings until you withdraw funds from your account. Learn more about the benefits of investing through a Traditional IRA today.


Roth IRA

A different approach to retirement planning may lead you to a Roth IRA. Contributions are non-deductible, but you never have to pay taxes on earnings from investments within the Roth IRA. Pay taxes now and take non-mandatory distributions worry-free later on in life when financial security is essential.



Whether you’re self-employed or a small business owner, SEP IRAs make simplified retirement planning a reality. With higher contribution limits than Traditional and Roth IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension IRAs enable you to add to you (or your employee’s) retirement fund easily, without the complexities generally associated with business retirement plans.



The perfect fit for small businesses looking for a simple retirement solution that allows employee input, SIMPLE IRAs allow both employees and employers to contribute to Traditional IRAs. Minimal reporting and shared responsibility make these accounts easy to maintain. Call us to learn more about setting up a retirement plan for your employees.

*Please not that Place Trade offers SIMPLE IRA Retirement Accounts through leading mutual fund providers only. At the present time we do not offer SIMPLE IRAs in house as our clearing firm does not allow them. Please check back with us as we hope to see this change in the near future.


Qualified Plans including 401(k)s

Qualified Plans are ideal for established business owners who wish to offer their employees sponsored retirement plans Tax Qualified Plans provide for each employee equivalently. 401(k)s, both traditional and individual; Money Purchase Plans; and Profit Sharing Plans all allow participants to control their own accounts, and our Employee Education resources ensure that they will possess the knowledge necessary to get the most out of their retirement plans.


Rollover IRA

Our rollover specialists are prepared to identify rollover requirements for your IRA, streamline the transfer process, and respond to any questions or concerns you may have regarding rollover procedures. The path to reinvesting is often wrought with obstacles, but our knowledgeable advisors can help smooth the way for you and your financial interests.


Fees: Some of our clients hold their IRAs in house and some are held directly at mutual fund companies (don't worry - our experienced financial professionals are still available regardless of where your assets are held). For more information regarding IRA fees as well as other potential fees that may be charged in your IRA account held in a brokerage account at Place Trade please follow this link.



If your IRA account is held at Place Trade (for example if you are trading stocks, options, bonds, etc. online it is held at Place Trade): Place Trade does not charge inactivity or monthly account fees to open or hold a brokerage account that is held at Place Trade. 

For more information regarding other potential fees that may be charged in your IRA account held in a brokerage account at Place Trade please follow this link. Please Note:  these fees do not apply to accounts held directly at mutual fund companies. For information regarding IRAs held at mutual fund companies please see below.

If you hold mutual funds in an IRA at a mutual fund company (outside of your account at Place Trade): the mutual fund company may or may not charge an annual fee for your IRA. For example; some mutual funds companies charge a custodial fee of $10 per year on IRAs that are held directly with the mutual fund company.



Please keep in mind that some firms may say that they have no IRA fees but they may charge significantly more for an online trade or charge money on other items to make up for it. Investors should be aware of their total trading costs rather than if they pay a fee. At the end of the day, keeping the most money in your wallet is what counts.

Either way, Place Trade offers transparent commissions and low fees. We believe that our overall cost to invest is significantly lower than most other firms who offer "free" trading or "No Fee" IRAs.

Remember; there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay the electric bill and the rent so, like anywhere else in life, if someone offers you something for free you can be sure that they will be making up the cost somewhere else that you may not have even thought of. Place Trade always strives to be straightforward and honest about pricing and you can count on your experienced financial advisor to have your best interests in mind.

 Retirement Planning


IRA Account Fees

Depending on the type of IRA account that you have and where it is held, you may incur IRA fees. Place Trade passes these fees on to our clients without any additional markup. In addition, individual investments that are held inside of an IRA account may include their own fees and commissions will apply.

For IRA accounts held directly with Mutual Fund or Other Companies:  

Each company is responsible for setting their own potential commissions, fees and/or expenses which they pass directly through to you. Place Trade does not charge any additional fees for these accounts.   


For IRA brokerage accounts held directly with Place Trade:  

Place Trade does not charge account opening fees, account closing fees or account transfer fees (ACAT).

In addition to IRA account fees and Required Minimums, you will incur commissionsfees and/or expenses associated with the individual investment securities, products or services held within your IRA account. Additionally, you may pay other potential account related fees, be subject to Monthly Activity and  Deposit/Equity Balance minimums as well as being responsible to the IRS for taxes and/or penalties under certain circumstances.  

Please visit www.irs.gov for more information regarding taxes and penalties and speak with your personal tax advisor, CPA or tax attorney prior to making any tax related decisions. 

When considering fees please consider the overall low cost of tradingultra-low margin ratesaccess to experienced financial consultants and great customer service that you enjoy at Place Trade. We believe that we offer the lowest overall trading cost of any full-service broker.  

Planning for retirement? What type of retirement account should you invest in? Learn about Traditional, Roth, SEP or Rollover IRAs. SIMPLE IRA, Qualified Plans, Profit Sharing and Money Purchase Plans are also available at Place Trade.

    Retirement Planning

Find out which retirement account may best serve your needs by calling (919) 719-7200 or 1-800-50-PLACE today. Our experienced full service advisors are ready to help you reach your investment goals! 

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and there can be no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.