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International Trading - Extensive Access to Global Market Centers 

International stock trading


Truly Global Trading

Trade on over 100 market centers and exchanges worldwide - across 19+ countries in 14+ languages and 18 different currencies across multiple asset classes - all from one account! 


  • All asset types and products from around the world are held and reported in a single account
  • Trade assets denominated in multiple currencies from a single account
  • 24/7 Access to market data to help keep you connected to global markets
  • Award winning trading platforms are available in 14+ languages





Learn why more investors from around the globe are switching to Place Trade

The Smart Place for international investing!



Investing without boundaries:


Trade both domestic and international equities through a single account with ease. Place Trade offers access to worldwide markets combined with far-reaching third party research and news.


The bottom line:


Investing on your own terms has never been simpler. Our extensive international offerings, from stocks to bonds, are part of the reason why investors the world over have decided that Place Trade is the smart place to trade!





International Trading Quick Tips

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Get Deep Discount Commissions when you trade and invest in international markets too!


International Online Trading Commissions

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Global Offerings - View Exchanges / Market Centers


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(The links above take you to the Place Trade WebTrader Login Page. Our award winning Place Trader Workstation (TWS) is available in multiple languages as well.)



*stocks directed to foreign markets may incur additional fees charged by the markets themselves.

*If our minimum commission per order is less than Interactive Brokers, then you will be charged the Interactive Brokers minimum commission.


Truly global trading! Trade in over 100 market centers and exchanges worldwide - across 19+ countries in 12+ languages and 17 different currencies across multiple asset classes - all from one account with deep discount commissions.  International Trading through Place Trade Financial.

English • Česky • 日本語 • 简体中文 • 繁體文 •Deutsch • Español • Français • Italiano • Nederlands •Pyсский • Slovenčina 


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