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   How to Get the Demo: Download and Login to the Trader Workstation (TWS)


To download the Demo for Place Trader Workstation, you will need to:


1. Download and Install Trader Workstation (the same version is used for both live and demo trading accounts)

Once you click on the download button (located below the users guide links and PT logo on this link) you will receive the TWS Installation Instructions that are specific to your operating system on your computer screen. The installation wizard will install a colorful icon (like one of the icons shown below) on your desktop to make it easy for you to find and get started!

Access Trader Workstation



Please note that the icons have transparent backgrounds and will take on the color of your desktop's background or show any pictures that show on your laptop instead of looking like a white button as it appears above. For example, if you had a blue background on your laptop, then you would see blue instead of the white showing in the box above.




2. Choose to run the demo by clicking on the link in the upper right-hand border of the login box.

    Once you click on the demo link in the login box, the demo will automatically be launched and you will be logged in.
Launch Trading Platform Demo


Please note that the demo account is meant for demonstration purposes and cannot be used for a long term paper/virtual trading account (you can open one of these accounts with us separately from your regular trading account). The demo account will refresh each night so you will not be able to save any positions overnight. If you wish to use the demo again the next day you will need to add new positions.  



Please use this link to open your new account!


Please Note: Any symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and do not portray a recommendation. 

As your agreement for the receipt and use of this demo and the market data provided, the securities markets (1) reserve all rights to the market data that they make available; (2) do not guarantee that data; and (3) shall not be liable for any loss due either to their negligence or to any cause beyond their reasonable control.




Log into:


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Opening a new account at Place Trade is super easy!  However, if you need any help at all we will be happy to help guide you through the application process. Just give us a call at 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 and we will assist you to open your account today!

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