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For interest rate related inquiries, please use the Inquiry Ticket via our secure messaging system or use the live Chat system located under the Support menu of Account Management. For your security, please do NOT send specific account related information or inquires via traditional email.



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1Please see Universal Account section of the Margin Overview page for description of account structure. Due to the different regulators -- CFTC for commodities and SEC for securities -- PT is not permitted to net the assets in a sub-account with those from the other sub-account.

2The new accrued cash shown after the above postings may not be zero. The residual balances reflect the continuing accruals for the first days of the current month. For example, if PT processes the final interest calculation on August 6, Accrued Cash will still show the activity from August 1 through August 6. 

3Place Trade does not offer commodities or FOREX trading at this time.