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Trusted Contact Person (TCP)

How to Add a Trusted Contact  |  How to View, Edit and Delete a Trusted Contact  |  How to View your Existing TCP Information


How to Add a Trusted Contact (a person that you trust) onto your account

It is easy to add a trusted contact person's name and contact information to your account! Please note that a trusted contact person is different from someone whom you may have authorized as a user or trader on your account (although you may choose to add the same person for this role).

In order to add a trusted contact person to your account, you will need to provide the name, address and telephone number(s) for a trusted contact person so that we may contact about your account under certain circumstances. (Scroll down for detailed instructions.)


Who is a Trusted Contact Person? What is the definition of a Trusted Contact Person?

A trusted contact person is an individual age 18 and over who we may contact about your account under certain circumstances (for example, in the event that we are unable to contact you or if we believe that there is suspicious activity relating to your account). Please note that a trusted contact person is different from someone whom you may have authorized as a user or trader on your account (although you may choose to add the same person for this role).  Adding someone as a TCP does not provide them access rights to your account.

Why Should I Add a Trusted Contact Person to my account?

Although you are not required to provide a trusted contact person's information to open an account, we believe that it is a good idea for you to do so. It is particularly important that we know who we should be speaking with in the event that you were somehow incapacitated or otherwise unable to be reached regarding your account. 

It is important to note that by choosing to provide the contact information for a trusted person, you are authorizing the firm to contact such person and disclose information about your account in certain circumstances, including to address possible financial exploitation, and to confirm the specifics of your current contact information, health status, or the identity of any legal guardian, executor, trustee or holder of a power of attorney or if we cannot reach you or as otherwise permitted by FINRA Rule 2165. View FINRA Rule 2165 FAQs via this link.


Will my Trusted Contact Person be able to view my account?

Your TCP will not be included on any standard correspondence relating to your transactions at Place Trade. Barring certain circumstances, unless this person has been authorized separately, by you (through the process available in Account Management), to view or access any aspect of your account, place trades, receive statements or any other information about your account, they will not be able to initiate such activities simply by being added as a trusted contact person. If you wish to have your trusted contact person be able to have any access to or authority over your account, you will either need to add specific user access rights to your account or they would need to provide the appropriate documentation which legally authorizes them to act on your behalf. 

Please be sure that your trusted contact person's information is accurate and kept up to date so that it is available in case we ever need it


How do I add a Trusted Contact Person to my account? 


Log into Account Management

Please use the New AM version where the menu runs up and down the left-hand side of the page. If you are using the Classic AM version (which shows the menu running across the top of the page - from right to left - please click on the bright green button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen that says "New AM" on it in order to change your page view to the New AM screen. 


Follow these Quick Steps to Add a Trusted Contact to your account:

  1. Click Settings > Account Settings.

        The Account Settings screen will open and the Configuration panel will appear on the right of the screen.

  1. Click the gear (configure) icon which is located next to "Trusted Contact." Please note that the Trusted Contact information will appear on a series of screens.  
  2. Click the "+" icon to add a new trusted contact.


  1. Select the contact relationship from the drop-down menu, then click Continue. Then, complete the profile information on the following screen and click Continue again.





  1. Review your information and click Continue to confirm.


How to View, Edit and Delete a Trusted Contact Person on your account


How to View your Existing Trusted Contact Information

To view the information of existing contacts, click the info icon which is located next to their name.


  • To edit your trusted contact, click the pencil icon and make changes as needed. Click continue to review and confirm your updates.
  • To delete a trusted contact, click the X next to the contact, then click Yes to confirm.





*** Please allow time for any changes to be processed by our hard-working team. (Thank you!) ***



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