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Branch Office Franchise Opportunities are now available Nationwide!




Are you considering opening your own Financial Services Firm or Broker Dealer but hesitating because you do not to reinvent the wheel? 

Are you a successful experienced financial advisor with a clean record?  Have you been considering going independent or even opening your own broker dealer but are more interested in serving the best interests of your clients than drowning in paperwork and being crushed by massive regulation? 

Put the Power of Place Trade behind your practice with a Place Trade Wealth Management practice or a Place Trade Online Trading practice and enjoy your career instead of pushing paperwork all day!  

Franchise opportunities are available nationwide.  

Get reduced franchise fees when you join Place Trade by December 31, 2014. 

Franchise fees start at just $25,000 (but hurry before the charter discount runs out - regular rates apply starting January 1, 2015.) 





Please Note: 

Due to our high standards as well as the high degree of regulation in the financial services industry we require that franchisees have a clean record and have held their Series 24 license for a minimum of 2 years prior prior to opening a franchise office. 

Franchisees will be subject to all of the same compliance procedures and regulatory reviews that traditional registered representatives and branch offices are subject to. There are absolutely no exceptions.






If you currently own a broker dealer and you are considering either filing a BDW or you are simply looking for a better corresponding BD / clearing arrangement please give us a call at 919-719-7200.

Let us help you to do the business that is right for you without all of the stress!  We are the right team and this is the right place for you!