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Mutual Fund / ETF Replicator 

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Want the benefits of a mutual fund along with the benefits of an ETF?

The Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator may help you to quickly find the best of both worlds by scanning the markets for ETFs that replicate the performance of your favorite ETF or mutual fund and offer lower fees!


Best Mutual Fund Replicator

Quickly screen for comparable ETFs with better management fees and rates of return!


Consider the possibilities...

Many ETFs offer rates of return that are comparable to other ETFs and mutual funds - but with lower management fees! 

For more aggressive traders: when compared to mutual Funds, ETFs may provide an attractive alternative for your investment strategy because ETFs offer trading throughout the day during market hours, potential tax benefits, and the ability to borrow money against ETF holdings at rates as low as 1%.



The Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator scans the markets for ETFs or combinations of ETFs that replicate the performance of selected ETFs and mutual funds:

  • The easy-to-read interface quickly focuses in on the fee savings for correlated ETFs over your current ETFs or mutual funds.
  • Both highest correlated single ETF and highest correlated ETF combinations are displayed.
  • Compare the one-year performance of correlated ETFs to the selected ETF or mutual fund. (We recommend that you consider longer term results as well!)
  • Correlated ETFs are conveniently displayed in the ideal quantities to most closely replicate the specified ETF or fund’s performance.
  • Return Comparison charts the ETF/mutual fund and comparable ETFs together, including management fees, for easy visual analysis.



Learn how to use the Mutual Funds/ETF Replicator





Mutual Funds versus ETFs Comparison Chart

Compare the benefits of investing in Mutual Funds versus ETFs (formerly known as Exchange Traded Funds) to see which type of asset class works best for your portfolio and investment strategy via this link.



Please Note:

The Mutual Fund/ETF Replicator provides an illustration of funds with a very high correlation of daily returns and does not project the performance of a specific fund or strategy. The comparison is not intended as a recommendation and information generated does not guarantee or predict the likelihood of the investment results. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

For more information about using the Mutual Fund Replicator, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Any symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and do not portray a recommendation.



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