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How to Calculate Interest Accruals:


When your account balances accrue interest, the actual amounts that are calculated are booked to a special "Accrued Cash" sub-account, one for each currency.  It is important that you understand the features and functions of accrued cash as it pertains to your account.





Accrued Cash has the following features and functions:


FUNDS FOR TRADING: accrued cash is applied to trading balances, both positively and negatively.

WITHDRAWALS: accrued cash does not affect Settled Cash balances and therefore cannot be withdrawn.

Positive accrued cash balances do not increase the available funds for withdrawal.

Negative accrued cash will reduce the funds available for withdrawal. (This avoids the problem of having closed accounts with negative balances.)

PATTERN DAY TRADING: accrued cash does not count toward Pattern Day Trading minimum balance requirements.





How often do you calculate accrued interest?

Every day, the new calculations for accrued interest are added to the cumulative accrued cash balances from the previous day.

When will I see the interest accruals on my account statement?

Whenever the balance of accrued cash exceeds $1.00 (or USD equivalent), we will show the accrual on the Daily Statement. Accruals that are smaller than $1.00 are recorded in the PT systems but are not reported on the statements.




Interest Charged to You on a Negative Cash Balance & Interest Paid to You on a Credit Balance

Interest Paid to You on Short Sales (Visit Examples Page)

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