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Exercise and Assignment Fees 1  


 United States
Product Transaction Fees
Stock Options(2)

USD 0.000119 * Quantity Stock Sold, max 5.95 per Trade and
USD 0.0000221 * Aggregate sales proceeds on stock

US Index Options Free (No Fees)


Product Fees
Stock Options Free (No Fees)
Non-US Index Options Charged standard option commissions on exercise or assignment.
No charges on lapsed/expired contracts.


Please Note:
  • 1. PT does not charge an option exercise or assignment fee. Certain transactions are subject to the standard commissions for the applicable product.
  • 2. The transaction fees listed represent allocations of costs charged to PT by third-parties. PT does not assess a separate option exercise/assignment fee.


For information regarding fees please call us at 1-919-719-7200.


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