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    Withdrawal Limits

Place Trade strongly encourages all clients to use a security device that is provided through our Secure Login System in addition to using continuous personal vigilance to protect your account. If you give away your password, either intentionally or unintentionally, Place Trade Financial has no way of knowing that you are not the person who is logging into your account. It is extraordinarily important that you protect your password and keep your antivirus software up to date - and use it often. It may be a pain but it is much better than the alternative!

Accounts that do not participate in the Secure Login System are limited in the amount of money that can be withdrawn or transferred in one day and in any five day period.Our top level Gold and Platinum systems are available to clients with substantial balances over 500,000 USD, providing state-of-the-art protection and allowing unlimited funds withdrawals. Learn How to Request a Security Device 

Withdrawal Limits for Place Trade Clients  

Security Device

Maximum Withdrawal per Day

Maximum Withdrawal in 5 Business Days

None 50K USD 100K USD
Security Code Card 200K USD 600K USD
Alpine Device 500K USD 1.5M USD
Gold Unlimited Unlimited
Platinum Unlimited Unlimited

 Accounts that are not protected with a security device will be subject to specific withdrawal limits in effort to protect clients from having accounts emptied by hackers!


How to Request a Security Device

  PLEASE NOTE: Once you request the security device you will receive a temporary card (as a page full of numbers and letters that will pop up on your screen) that you will need to print out (or save as a pdf if that is easier/more secure for you) before moving forward so that you will be able to use it to log into your account until you receive your permanent card or device in the mail. We do not keep a copy of this card and will need to send you through a verification process before issuing a new card/access to your account.   

New Customers - New customers have the option to register for a security device during the application process. You will receive the appropriate device based on the amount with which you fund your account.

Existing Customers - Non-participating customers can request a device from within Account Management. Please see below for simple instructions.

How to request a security device:

(From the Manage Account menu select) 
> Security
> Secure Login System
> Security Device.
> You will then have the opportunity to indicate that you would like to participate in the program and follow the directions to complete your registration.



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