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Place Trade WebTrader
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Place Trade Webtrader  Login screen - How to trade quickly


Log In

Once your account has been approved and funded, you'll be able to successfully log in to the WebTrader.

To log in to WebTrader, from the Login menu select WebTrader. In the Login box, enter your username and password, and click Login.


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Add Market Data

WebTrader supports direct-access trading for options, stocks, bonds and funds. It's easy to add market data – simply add tickers to the Market page. To view real-time data, you must log in to Account Management and select your market data subscriptions from the Trading Access menu.

 How to add real time market data to your online trading account.



  1. Click the Market tab, then click the green plus sign at the bottom of the list of current tickers.
    If the green plus sign is not visible, close the Order Management Panel.
  2. In the Add New Contract box, select an asset type by clicking the appropriate tab, then enter a symbol click Go.
  3. In the list of available contracts, select the contract you want to add.
  4. You can see the contract added to the list of tickers on the Market page behind the Edit Market View box..
  5. Continue to add ticker lines to the Market page in the Add New Contract box. Choose SMART as the routing destination to get best-price execution through IB SmartRouting.SM
  6. When you are finished adding tickers, close the Add New Contract box by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the box.



Submit an Order

You can place orders from any page in WebTrader. To create an order from the Market page:

  1. Click the Ask price to create a BUY order or the Bid price to create a SELL order for a specific contract.
  2. On the New Order tab in the Order Management Panel, modify the order parameters as required, including Action, Quantity, Price, Order Type, Time in Force (TIF) and Exchange. Add an order attribute by clicking the green plus sign ( + ), then selecting the appropriate check box under the order.

 How to place a trade in WebTrader


Or, from any page, click the blue arrow on the Order Management Panel to expand the panel, then select the appropriate asset type tab in the New Order tab. Enter a symbol, then click Go! Next, select the contract you want to buy or sell from the contract box.

  1. Click Preview Order, then Submit Order to transmit the order.
Please preview your order before placing a trade.

You can also use Expert Mode to submit an order without having to preview it first. You enable Expert Mode in the Preferences window.



Monitor Account Activity

Click the Account tab to open the Account page. This page shows real-time balances, margin requirements, buying power, P&L, market values, portfolio details and more for your account.

 Always Remember to Monitor Account Activity!



View Trades

View real-time trade reports listed line by line, and netted by contract. Click the blue arrow on the Order Management Panel to expand the panel, then click the Trades tab. This page displays daily execution reports, including those completed during after-hours trading. View a list of details for each trade or a summary of trading activity by selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the panel.




Add a Module to a Page

You can add modules to most pages in WebTrader. Add the Market View, Charts, the BookTrader, Market Depth, Open Orders and other modules in the Preferences window.

  1. Click a tab to open the page to which you want to add a module, then click the Preferencesbutton.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. The current tab is highlighted in the Current Tabs section, and the modules that are currently visible on that page are listed in the Modules Enabled section. At least one module in the list is highlighted.
  4. All available modules for the current page are listed in the Click to Add Modules section. In that section, click the module or modules you want to add to the page.
  5. Some modules have additional settings. These are displayed in the Manage Current Preferences section for the currently highlighted module. For example, you can set the number or rows to show for the Market View module. Set these additional preferences for each module you add, as required.
  6. Add or remove contracts for the currently highlighted module in the Manage Current Contracts section.
  7. Click Save and Dismiss when you are finished.


Set Preferences

Use the Preferences window to change your font size and style, switch between normal and expert mode, modify default order sizes for different contract types, modify your execution report settings and change your default display language.

Click the Preferences button to open the Preferences window. The Preferences window contains the following tabs:

  • Site Preferences - Contains three categories of settings:
    • General - Restore factory settings, choose to store settings on the server, turn tooltips on or off, and set the sort order of execution reports that are displayed on the Trades tab of the Order Management Panel.
    • Display - Select how you want WebTrader to look: Dark or Light Skin.
    • Language - Select your preferred language for the WebTrader interface.



  • Trading Preferences - Contains three categories of settings:
    • General - Turn Expert Mode on or off, set the default order size for each type of contract, turn Advanced Time in Force settings on or off, and select your default time zone.
    • BookTrader - Turn BookTrader Expert Mode on or off, and set the default size for orders placed from the BookTrader for each contract type.
    • Precautionary - Enter precautionary settings in percentages for each asset type.



  • Content - This is where you can add new tabbed pages to WebTrader, add or remove modules from a page, and configure individual modules on each page:
    • Current Tabs - Change the order of tabbed pages by dragging a tab to a new position; delete a tabbed page by clicking the minus sign; add a custom tab by clicking the Add New Tab button, then naming the new tab.
    • Modules Enabled - Add and remove modules from each tabbed page. First click the page in the Current Tabs section to highlight it (in WebTrader, highlighted items appear dark), then click the minus signs to remove modules from that page, and the plus signs to add modules from the Click To Add Modules section.
    • Manage Current Preferences - Change settings for individual modules. First click the page in the Current Tabs section to highlight it, then select the module in the Modules Enabled section. Finally, modify the applicable setting in the Manage Current Preferences section. Note that not all modules have configurable settings.
    • Manage Current Contracts - Add or remove contracts from each module. First click the page in the Current Tabs section to highlight it, then select the module in the Modules Enabled section. Finally, use the minus and plus icons to remove and add contracts. When you add a contract, use the contract lookup to identify the instrument type and contract.

When you are finished setting Preferences, click the Save and Dismiss button.

For more detailed instructions, see the WebTrader Users' Guide.



Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information, read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" before investing in options. For a copy call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 or click here. There is no guarantee of execution. Orders will be routed to US options exchanges.

Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray a recommendation.


 Place Trade WebTrader DEMO