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How to Subscribe to Bond Data?

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How to Add Bond Info to my account so that I can trade bonds?


How to Get Bond Data:

In order to receive bond data, you will need to upgrade your Market Data Subscriptions to include US Bond Real-Time Data and Moody's Ratings.

Before you Trade Bonds:

To trade bonds, you first need to log into Account Managementand use the Trade Configuration menu to upgrade your Trading Permissions to include Fixed Income.

How to add Trading Permissions:

Log into Account Management to subscribe to bond & market data.


  North America

Market data fees for North American exchanges are listed in the table below. To subscribe to market data, please log into Account Management and from the Trading menu select Market Data Subscriptions. For information on using free delayed market data, see the TWS Users' Guide. For help understanding which market data subscriptions are right for you, refer to the Subscription Details table below.


 United States Monthly Fee

TRACE (BTDS) Corporate Bond Data

N/A  USD 65.00

US Bond Real-Time Data 1

Fee Waived Fee Waived


  1. Includes US corporate bonds and US-Treasuries


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