Short Sales



Short Stock Availability Tool 



The Short Stock Availability Tool, part of Place Trade’s Stock Borrow Loan system, is a fully electronic, self-service utility that lets you search for real-time availability of shortable stocks. It's easy to access within Account Management.



The Short Stock Availability Tool lets you:


  • View quantity available, number of lenders, and current indicative borrow rate (the rate at which dealers in the Securities Lending/Borrowing Market are willing to transact today).

  • View historical indicative borrow rates and download these rates in a comma-separated values (.csv) file, which you can open in Microsoft Excel.

View our Short Sales Utility Tool

  • Search for any shortable stock by symbol and exchange, ISIN or CUSIP number.
  • Upload a bulk request text file to search for availability of multiple shortable stocks at once.

  • Download prepared lists of shortable stocks grouped by country.

Please Note:

Any symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and do not portray recommendations.



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Please Note: We do not allow short-sale orders for less than 1 round lot (100 shares in US/Canada).


For an illustrated description of the short sale process, see The Mechanics of a Short Sale on our clearing firm's website.