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FAQs: How to Place a Trade: Using Buy-Write Option Orders



How do I enter a Buy-Write option order via TWS?




How to enter a Buy-Write option trade in TWS

Within the Application that you are using; Right click on the desired symbol from your watch list or Portfolio page. Then, in 



  • Select Trading Tools > Option Chains from the right click menu and click the Strategy Builder button in the bottom right corner.
  • Click the option that you want to trade from the Option Chains. 
  • Click the "Advanced" button towards the bottom of the panel and click the "Stock Leg" button. Once your option and stock have been added, use the order row to set your order parameters. 
  • Click Submit to preview your order and Transmit when ready. 


Classic TWS:

  • Select Trading Tools > Option Trader and click the Strategy Builder tab.
  • Click the option that you want to trade from the Option Chains.
  • Click the "Add Stock" button beneath the "Strategy Builder" tab. 
  • Set your order parameters.
  • Click the Transmit button on the order row.

For more information, please view the Short Videos on Entering Option Spreads & Combinations with Strategy Builder and Covered Calls and Buy Writes in TWS.







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